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Stefan Maierhofer is head of the Semantic Modeling and Acquisition group at VRVis.

Our group of about 10 highly motivated researchers and students builds real-world software for a number of industry partners, and also performs applied and basic research resulting in publications at international conferences and journals. The group's overarching goal is to make it easy to capture and manipulate usable models from reality by trying new ideas to represent, visualize and understand vast amounts of data that is readily generated at almost arbitrary detail with today's scanning and photogrammetric technologies. Additional research into advanced lighting simulation (HILITE) allows real-time interactions with physically-based light sources in terms of movement and scene modification in order to provide a fast, dynamic and easy-to-use way to visualize new lighting concepts in architectural scenarios.

Besides, the group also manages to produce reusable high-quality software components from its research projects and therefore is also responsible for core development, maintenance and support of the resulting Aardvark software libraries. Aardvark is used across a large number of projects in multiple groups at VRVis and is our way of sustaining, accumulating and evolving past results for future projects and development.

Stefan Maierhofer studied Computer Science with a focus on Computer Graphics and Algorithms at the Technische Universität Wien (Vienna University of Technology) and received a Ph.D. (with distinction) from the same university in 2002. Apart from his obvious interest in Visual Computing, he also has a solid understanding of Software Engineering and Design due to a multi-year exposure to industry, mainly as an independent consultant.


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