VRVis Academy

We have 20 years of experience in handling data and pass this know-how on to companies in compact workshops lasting several days.

The workshops

Data is the currency of our time. For 20 years, we have been translating data into information and images to help companies better achieve their business goals. Now we offer our know-how in compact workshops lasting several days, which are dedicated to various practical topics. Participants acquire the concrete skills they need to develop competitively in their core areas.

The topics of our workshops

  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Machine Learning for Business

Key facts

Lecturers: experienced experts with many years of practical experience with VRVis
Duration: 3 days á 8h
Catering: incl. coffee break in the morning and in the afternoon, excl. lunch
Location: VRVis, Donau-City-Straße 11, 1220 Vienna, Austria
Language: mainly German, English on occasion
Costs: 950 € p.p.; minimum participants: 6 persons; maximum participants: 12 persons
Contact: Stefan Schmied, Innovation Management, schmied-@-vrvis.at

Machine Learning for Business

New technologies and sensors enable companies to collect large amounts of data about their production and business processes. In order to extract the information contained in the data and create added value, skills in explorative and predictive analytics are required. VRVis supports companies in building these competencies.

We offer our know-how in the VRVis Academy "Machine Learning for Business". In a three-day workshop, we introduce companies to the tools and techniques that are most frequently used in practice for data management. The training not only provides a better understanding of their own data, but also practical experience with exemplary case studies and data sets. Participants acquire concrete skills they need to develop competitively in their core areas.

The contents

  • data preparation
  • modelling
  • visualization

Dates & Events

June (week 26) and September (week 37)

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual & Augmented Reality is viewed as the future of the industry - regardless of whether maintenance work is to be simplified or training courses designed interactively. In our compact three day workshop, we impart practical knowledge to SMEs to enable them to use VR & AR in a meaningful way. As Austria's leading institution in the field of visual computing, we know how information and images are obtained from data.

The contents of the workshop

  • photogrammetric reconstruction
  • VR setup
  • Unity 3 Basics
  • VR applications

Dates & Events

on request