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Do you know our symposium "Visual Computing Trends"? International keynote speaker talk about the future of Visualization, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Das Teaserbild für das "Sehen und Verstehen 2016" Event zeigt den Arestower und das Techgate Wien.

In Austria, an internationally leading R&D competence has been established in this field at the Vienna location: on 25 February 2016, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and the VRVis Centre for Reality and Visualisation hosted an exhibition of state-of-the-art security technologies: from the latest strategies for detecting even unknown cyber attacks, to state-of-the-art encryption methods for secure data exchange, to innovative communication systems for efficient crisis and disaster management in the future, as well as security technologies for the protection of critical infrastructures. The crowning finale of the exhibition was a panel discussion with top-class participants. Under the title "IT solutions made in Austria - can we be successful in global competition?", the participants discussed, among other things, the question of what innovation-promoting framework conditions must exist at national level so that Austrian business and industry can position itself in global competition? What role do research and development play in this context? And which innovations developed in Austria have made the leap to global markets?


Find more impressionen of this event on the website of our event partner AIT.