Award at the "Fuck-up-Projects" event series

Cornelia Travnicek convinced the audience with her lecture on possible stumbling blocks in research projects

Foto oben links: Unsere Researcherin Cornelia Travnicek freut sich über den ersten Platz. Foto oben rechts: Cornelia Travnicek mit dem Team von Next Level Consulting. Fotos unten: Cornelia Travnicek während ihres Vortrags.

For some years now, the so-called "Fuck-up Nights", in which not the successes but the mistakes, obstacles and detours of projects are the focus, have been enjoying great popularity. As part of the event series Fuck-up-Projects by Next Level Consulting, our researcher Cornelia Travnicek achieved first place on 25 September 2019 with her lecture "Who knows if it will be anything at all". She won a two-day project management training course.

In her lecture, Cornelia Travnicek demonstrated that in any project - no matter how capable and committed the employees are - you can stumble across unexpected problems. But more importantly, she also proved from experience that obstacles can be turned into successes.

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