Project starts: Protection plans & Flood risk zoning

The simulation and visualization software VISDOM developed by VRVis is being used in two current projects!

Within the scope of the COMET project floodvisor ii, dam breaks on the Danube are to be simulated for the Marchfeld region. Furthermore protection measures shall be determined and protection plans for the affected communities will be drawn up on this basis. The project is carried out jointly with Riocom and StEB Köln.

In the project HORA 3, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Life and the Austrian Insurance Association, different flooding scenarios are calculated for different annualities (for example, for 100- or even 300-year floods). This is to be carried out for a length of 40,000 km. The project is a cooperation of the VRVis with Prof. Günter Blöschl from the Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Hydrology at the Vienna University of Technology, the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation of the Vienna University of Technology and the engineering office Günter Humer.

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