International guest at VRVis

Miriah Meyer is a guest professor in Vienna

The VRVis welcomes Miriah Meyer, Assoz. Professor of the University of Utah, welcome for the next 10 months! During her sabbatical in Vienna, Miriah Meyer conducts research at the VRVis, as well as at the TU Vienna and the University of Vienna. During this time she is involved in research projects at all three institutions. Miriah Meyer is Assoz. Prof. at the School of Computing of the University of Utah and member of the faculty of the Institute for Scientific Computer and Image Processing. She is the co-leader of the Visualization Design Lab, which focuses on the design of visualization systems to help analysts understand complex data, and the development of design methods that enable visualization designers to spot real problems.

The two main foci of her sabbatical are on the one hand molecular animation (looking at new ways to tell interactive stories in 3D and time scenes) and on the other methods and methodology for applied visualization (developing and refining approaches for conducting research studies through visualization design projects).

At the VRVis Forum on September 20, she gave a lecture on "Designing Effective Visualizations Through Design Study Research" and gave the audience insights into her work and current research projects.

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