Promotion of young talent

Students get hands-on insights into research work

Promoting young talent as well as equal opportunities in the work place is a priority at VRVis. Therefore it was a matter of honor for ur to donate a visit to our research center as one of the prizes for the creative competition "Women in Technology" (Technolution).

On 7th February, 24 girls from HTL Pinkafeld visited VRVis and got a sneak peek into the daily works of an IT research center. In five different demos the students were shown the range of computer science: from visualizations of the Mars surface, over flood simulations up to a virtual reality fire protection training. Of course the demos were also very hands-on: in small groups the students tested virtual reality applications! In order to encourage young talents and especially young women to enter technical professions, researcher Bettina Schlager talked with the girls about her career, her work at VRVis and gave tips for a career in IT & technology.