Virtual Reality research

VRVis presents latest Virtual Reality application at ISMAR 2019 and WCVRI 2019

Photos above: Marina Limos at WCVRI 2019 in Nanchang and at her lecture at ISMAR 2019 in Beijing. Photo bottom left: Our Key Researcher Dieter Schmalstieg (2nd from left) at the WCVRI 2019. (c) Dieter Schmalstieg, TU Graz

The VRVis presented a current Virtual Reality application at two renowned conferences in China. Marina Lima gave a lecture at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2019 (ISMAR), which took place in Beijing from 14-18 October 2019 and at the World Conference on VR Industry 2019 (WCVRI), which took place in Nanchang from 19-21 October 2019.

At ISMAR 2019 Marina Lima gave the lecture "Marking the City: Interactions in Multiple Space Scales in Virtual Reality". Here she talked about a Virtual Reality application developed for the Austrian Armed Forces. Using the VR application, missions and manoeuvres can be planned in 3D-reconstructed urban scenes from photos and aerial photographs. At WCVRI 2019, the researcher spoke about "Interactions Patterns and Techniques in VR for Industry Applications".

Also present at WCVRI 2019 was our Key Researcher Dieter Schmalstieg, full professor and Head of the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision at TU Graz. On October 21st, he held the keynote speech at the forum "Virtual Reality Visual Computing".

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