M. L. Ganuza ,  G. Ferracutti ,  F. M. Gargiulo ,  S. M. Castro ,  E. A. Bjerg ,  E. GröllerK. Matković (2017)

Interactive Visual Categorization of Spinel-Group Minerals

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SCCG '17: Proceedings of the 33rd Spring Conference on Computer Graphics


Spinel-group minerals are excellent indicators of geological environments and are of invaluable help in the search for mineral deposits of economic interest. The geologists analyze them by means of Barnes and Roeder’s contours. In this paper, we present a collection of novel, interactive methods, which assist geologists in the categorization of spinel-group minerals. We fully integrate Barnes and Roeder’s contours using a polygonal representation. This makes it possible to efficiently superimpose user-provided point data over the contours, and to automatically rank the contours based on the number of enclosed points. We also allow the expert to create contours for the user-provided point data. Once user contours are created, they can be compared with Barnes and Roeder’s contours. During the analysis, the user can drill-down by means of brushing. As we deal with specific data, we apply two novel brushing techniques, i.e., the percentile brush and the contour brush. The novel brushing mechanisms along with the interactive comparison speed-up the analysis significantly. We evaluate the newly introduced approach and the resulting novel workflow using real-word data from different locations in Argentina. According to the domain experts, the classification of spinel minerals needs several minutes now, while it took a few days with the current state of the art approach in the domain.

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