D. Gračanin ,  M. Handosa ,  H. G. Elmongui ,  K. Matković (2017)

An approach to user interactions with IoT-enabled spaces

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2017 14th International Conference on Telecommunications (ConTEL)


IoT-enabled built environments have potential to improve the lives of individuals, groups, and the broader community. Internet of Things (IoT), a collection of networked and interacting embedded devices, provides the necessary infrastructure and enabling technologies to design, develop and deploy smart built environments. We describe an approach to supporting user interaction with IoT-enabled smart built environments. This approach takes advantages of affordances and embodied cognition in a physical space to model user interaction with built spaces. The corresponding implementation leverages standard protocols (MQTT) and IoT-Lite ontology to represent IoT resources, entities and services. A proof-of-concept light-control application demonstrates the approach.

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