D. Gračanin ,  R. Tasooji ,  M. Handosa ,  K. Matković ,  M. Waldner (2017)

Tangible Visual Analysis: Brushing in a Mixed-Reality Environment

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EuroVis 2017 - Posters


Exploratory visual analysis helps scientists and domain experts gain insight into complex data sets. Tangible visual analysis can be used to bring interactive data exploration to non-expert users, such as visitors in science museums (or similar settings). Collaborative possibilities make it attractive for experts users, as well. We present a preliminary work on tangible brushing for visual analysis in a mixed reality environment. Mixed reality devices, such as Microsoft HoloLens, are blurring the barriers between the real and virtual environments. We can take advantage of these new technologies to provide a mixed reality based system for tangible visual analysis. We describe the main idea, the design principles, and the prototype development.

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