C. TraxlerG. HesinaA. Fuhrmann ,  K. Chmelina (2017)

A Virtual Reality Monitoring System for Tunnel Boring Machines

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Proceedings of the World Tunnel Congress 2017 – Surface challenges – Underground solutions. Bergen, Norway.


We present a VR system that allows to monitor tunnel constructions based on tunnel boring machines and segment linings. Today a variety of sensors and measurements are combined to control the process. This includes cutting disc forces, TBM navigation data, tunnel face images, deformations of the tunnel wall and more. This wealth of information is difficult to comprehend in its entirety by traditional methods. Our system supports monitoring and decision making by enabling an interactive visual analysis in 3D space, where the georeferenced geometry of the tunnel and ring segments are shown. Combined sensor values are visualized at the locations where they were measured preserving their geospatial context. A time control based on the real project timeline allows to revisit the construction. The system was successfully evaluated using data from various tunnel projects and proved to be a valuable additional tool for tunnel data analysis.

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