P. Mohr ,  M. Tatzgern ,  E. Veas ,  D. Schmalstieg ,  D. Kalkofen (2017)

Retargeting Video Tutorials Showing Tools With Surface Contact to Augmented Reality

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CHI '17: Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems


A video tutorial effectively conveys complex motions, but may be hard to follow precisely because of its restriction to a predetermined viewpoint. Augmented reality (AR) tutori- als have been demonstrated to be more effective. We bring the advantages of both together by interactively retargeting conventional, two-dimensional videos into three-dimensional AR tutorials. Unlike previous work, we do not simply overlay video, but synthesize 3D-registered motion from the video. Since the information in the resulting AR tutorial is registered to 3D objects, the user can freely change the viewpoint with- out degrading the experience. This approach applies to many styles of video tutorials. In this work, we concentrate on a class of tutorials which alter the surface of an object.

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