M. Beham ,  D. Gračanin ,  S. Podaras ,  R. SplechtnaK. Bühler ,  Pandžić Igor Sunday ,  K. Matković (2018)

Interactive Mixed Brushing: Integrated Text and Visual Based Data Exploration

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Proceedings of Computer Graphics International 2018


Linking and brushing is an essential technique for interactive data exploration and analysis that leverages coordinated multiple views to identify, select, and combine data points of interest. We propose to augment this technique by directly exploring data space using textual queries. Textual and visual queries are freely combined and modified during the data exploration process. Visual queries are used to refine the results of textual queries and vice versa. This mixed brushing integrates procedural, textual, and visual based data exploration to provide a unified approach to brushing. We also propose an interface --- the Text Query Browser View, that allows users to specify and edit data queries as well as to browse the data query history. Further, we argue why an interactive, on-demand, data aggregation and derivation is necessary, and we provide a flexible mechanism that supports it. We have implemented the proposed approach within an existing visualization tool using a client-server architecture. The approach was illustrated and evaluated using two example data sets.

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