M. Mautner (2020)

Interactive 3D Storytelling for Planetary Exploration

communication medium

Master's Thesis


The Planetary Robotics 3D Viewer (PRo3D) is an interactive visualization tool thatallows for geological analyses of planetary surfaces. The primary goal is to supportgeologists at NASA and ESA in their mission to find signs of life on Mars by enablingthem to perform analyses on a high-resolution 3D surface model. While PRo3D facilitatesan exploratory workflow to gain new insights, there is a lack of support to communicatenew findings. In this thesis, we discuss the design and implementation of storytellingmechanisms into PRo3D that allow for an easy, fast, and interactive communicationof results. Moreover, we show how provenance information can be incorporated intostories, enabling geoscientists to present how they arrived at a certain discovery orinterpretation. Provenance includes the individual steps in the analysis process thatlead to a given finding, supporting its verification and reproducibility. We present abroad overview about storytelling and provenance in visualization, and discuss the designspace of a provenance-based storytelling approach in the context of geological analysesas conducted in PRo3D. Finally, we present a prototype as a proof of concept based onthese deliberations.

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