Research topics

Advantages of digital twins

Digital is faster and cheaper. But the advantages of virtual copies of physical things are not limited to mere cost reduction. This is because the digital twin allows a much better understanding of the data and thus allows, for example, a more accurate prediction in a production operation - time plays no role in the digital, the computer simulates thousands of working hours or changes the production conditions to play through different scenarios. The Virtual Twin also has other advantages:

  • Model-based development
  • Optimization of process, design and performance
  • Accurate prediction of system behavior
  • Reduction of risks and costs
  • Acceleration of time-to-market
  • better understanding and visualization of design, system, process and product characteristics
  • Comprehensibility and interactivity
  • suitable for information and advertising campaigns

Previous projects

The VRVis has many years of experience with digital twins and virtual models. Our aim is to turn pure data into understandable information and vivid images. Because: who sees, understands.