Augmented Reality in Engine Development

(c) AVL

The visualized motor.

The app visualizes the engine from a printed paper.

An engine sounds different from any direction - an app makes it audible.

VRVis has developed a mobile app together with AVL List GmbH for the visualisation of simulation results from AVL EXCITE™. AVL EXCITE™ is a software solution for simulating the rigid and flexible multi-body dynamics of drive trains. It is a specialist solution for calculating the dynamics, strength, vibration and acoustics of combustion engines, transmissions and conventional as well as electrical drive trains.

In order to display the simulation results to customers clearly and intuitively, a procedure from the field of Augmented and Mixed Reality was adopted, which provides a visualisation of the simulated mechanics (e.g. of an engine) on a tablet via a live video of the real situation. A printed symbol is used as a reference and, when viewed via the tablet, is used as the foundation for the visualisation. When seen on the tablet display, the engine is anchored to this and can be viewed from all sides, exactly as if it were a real object.

The tablet also reproduces the results of the acoustic simulation according to the direction, which means that the user not only receives a visual impression of the simulation, but also hears how the engine sounds from all sides. The visualisation shows the engine with a shaded false colour representation of the sound radiation as well as a surrounding semi-transparent circle, which visualises how the sound relates to the viewing direction.

You can find a demo video on our YouTube channel.
This VR application was presented by Bettina Schlager at the AVL International Simulation Conference 2017 in Graz.

This is a work package of the FFG funded project CSI.