Protection planning for municipalities

Every year, extreme weather events cause high damage.

In our visualization, endangered buildings and infrastructure weak points in the community can be recognized immediately.

Visualization of endangered buildings of a city in Lower Austria. Yellow=low hazard, red=high hazard

Before a river flood is modeled, we visualize its initial state. Here is a visualization of the Danube in the Marchfeld region.

Sometimes simple solutions are enough: Structural measures to collect and drain slope water in a municipality in Lower Austria.

We simulate digitally, you protect yourself in reality. Due to climate changes more and more extreme weather events occur. When and where storms occur can only be predicted at short notice. But who will be affected and to what extent can be determined long in advance.

With our software VISDOM we simulate the course of storms and extreme weather events. From the first second in which a drop of water falls from the sky, we can trace its path in every Austrian municipality: where it falls, how it flows, where it may cause damage. And from this we deduce what possibilities there are for precaution and protection. In our digital simulation, we play through various scenarios to find vulnerable buildings, damage-prone infrastructure and critical points in a community. On this basis, crisis measures, protection plans and even more important preventive steps can be derived. Simple structural measures are often sufficient to prevent damage. This can be, for example, a road 20 cm higher or mobile barriers at the decisive points for water retention.

What you get

"The visualizations from the flood runoff simulations with VISDOM have contributed significantly to the presentation of the hazard picture in an understandable way and to make the possible course of flooding visible, but also to the recognition of the possibilities and limits of defence measures. The clear and concise 3D representations were a great help, especially for those responsible in the communities".
(Alfons Weiß, district fire brigade command Gänserndorf)

We offer

With our software VISDOM we simulate an emergency for you. Based on your data (e.g. cadastre, terrain model, sewer network) we create a digital copy of your community and play through various scenarios. It is possible to track exactly where streams overflow and canals waste water
and when houses and businesses are threatened. But we can also simulate countermeasures such as sandbag dams, mobile walls or retention rooms and their effects. We simulate the worst case so that you don't have to experience it.

Based on these results

  • we hold an information event in your community,
  • plan various measures,
  • create a protection plan or
  • advise local experts (e.g. fire brigade).

All this is tailored to the specific needs, challenges and wishes of your community.


The costs depend on the size of the municipality, the level of detail and the depth of elaboration of the calculations and scenarios, but also on the availability of data (cadastre, terrain model, etc.). First consultations in the run-up to the simulation, with on-site analysis as well as first risk warnings, are available from 800 Euros. First simulations are available from several thousand euros.

Further information