Virtual Reality Fire Training

Fire training for non-professionals is expensive, complicated and dangerous. Simulations in virtual environments are a great remedy to this challenge, while also offering many advantages of the virtual world.

Simulations in virtual environments for educational purpose are well-known in many domains to achieve an interactive learning experience. This project addresses the development of a virtual reality application for training non-professionals in using a fire extinguisher. Virtual firefighting is advantageous compared to fire training in a real environment in terms of security, practicality and the selection of training scenarios. Additionally, it is a costeffective alternative while offering a more engaging training experience.

The state-of-the-art virtual reality device HTC Vive, paired with the high-level game development framework Unity, is used to develop a 360-degree fire simulation and therefore allows trainees to interact with a fire in a safe setting. The scenario can be controlled from an external supervisor for professional learning feedback. Through visual effects, realistic lighting, suitable shading methods and a physical approximation of fire growth, we achieved to develop a realistic and an immersive learning environment which is also maintainable for further development.

This project was presented by Bettina Schlager at the CESCG, for her presentation she won the 2nd Best Presentation Award. This project was awarded with the eAward 2019 in the category "Training".