Artificial Intelligence

The hype is big: artificial intelligence is everywhere. Artificial intelligence technologies help companies optimize their production, ensure quality or improve workflows. This can save costs and add value - both are important competitive advantages. At VRVis we have been supporting our project partners for two decades with Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to help them to achieve their business goals better, faster and more efficiently.

We are experts in Artificial Intelligence

For about 20 years we have been helping large and small companies to use new technologies to optimize their work. For our business partners from various industries and markets, we have successfully carried out projects relating to machine or deep learning applications. Over the years, we have developed and implemented AI-based solutions for numerous domestic and foreign companies. Our strength lies in the fact that we work on different application cases for different industries: from biomedicine to business and industrial manufacturing. Another strength of our expertise is that it is based on the results of our latest basic research and the many concrete use cases from our applied research.

Our expertise in the media

The artificial intelligence expertise of VRVis researchers is in great demand, both at the scientific and media level. Our researchers regularly speak at conferences or are guests at panel discussions, but are also requested by the media as interview partners.

Here you can read some of the latest media reports:


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