Flyer zum Event

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Das Programm

Day 1 – FRI April 6 th

9:30 Introduction

  • Gerd Hesina / all: Welcome and introductory round

  • Gerhard Paar: Status report on ExoMars/Mastcam-Z 3D Vision: Overview & outlook

  • Thomas Ortner: PRo3D 2.0 Interactive Exploration of Planetary Surfaces (incl. demo)

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Visualization

  • Rob Barnes PRo3D 2.0 for Geologic annotation & exploitation

  • Jan-Peter Muller The i-Mars web-GIS platform for viewing surface changes and multi-resolution DTM products (Co-Authors Yu Tao, Sebastian Walter)

  • Divya Persaud An exploration of different visualization platforms for orbital-to-ground (Co-Author Jan Peter Muller)

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 VRVis tour and demos

13:45 Science Use Cases

  • Matt Balme Measuring aeolian ripples at an ExoMars landing site using PRo3D

  • Gerhard Paar / Christian Koeberl Shatter Cones Visualization: Objectives & Status

  • Rob Barnes Overview on Imperial College London PRo3D use cases, data, results

15:00 Coffee Break (& discussion)

15:30 “Customer” Cases for 3D vision & visualization

  • Bernard Foing Moon Village

  • Stephan Kempe Using a hand lens tool to investigate geologic / mineralogic textures

  • Björn Grieger A self-adapting global map of the irregular shaped comet 67P

16:30 Wrapup Day 1 and Discussion

17:00 End of day 1

  • Option for further discussions

19:00 Get Together & Dinner in close-by restaurant

Day 2 – SAT April 7 th

9:30 Technical & Strategic Aspects

  • Matt Gunn PanCam, CLUPI, ISEM rover level calibration / cross calibration plans

  • Gerhard Paar, Rob Barnes (Discussion supported by impulse presentations)

    • (Elyse Allender) Multispectral Data & 3D

    • (Rob Barnes) Validation

    • Archiving, data maintenance

    • Collaboration, data sharing

    • Interoperability and data exchange between tools (PRo3D, 3D-ROCS, Viewpoint, …)

    • View Planning

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Instruments

  • Piluca Caballo GEPE – JR Geometric PanCam Emulator

  • Matt Gunn AUPE – Aberystwyth University PanCam Emulator

  • TBD PanCam related 3D and visualization topics

  • Jean-Luc Josset ExoMars CLUPI – Aspects for 3D & Visualization

12:15 Lunch Break & Group Photo using GEPE

13:15 Instruments (ctd.):

  • Jim Bell Mastcam-Z related 3D and visualization topics

13:45 Virtual Reality

  • Helen Miles RAVEN – a concept for VR

  • Thomas Ortner / All (optional) VR Demo using PRo3D / interactive discussion

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 All (Discussion)

  • Deployment of PRo3D to the science community,
    Maintenance of SW versions; license needs

  • Tools’ role in publications

  • Synergy between Mars 2020 & ExoMars in related topics

  • Joint field trials

  • Landing site implications on 3D vision

  • Maintaining test use cases & data

16:30 All (Discussion) General Discussion & wrap-up

17:00 End of day 2

Anfahrt zum Workshop

The workshop will take place in the meeting rooms of VRVis. Its office is within walking distance of the EGU venue (click here for more information).