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GeoAI: Geospatial Artificial Intelligence & GeoBI (Orbicas Geospatial Visualisation Platform, OrbViz), by Peter Rose


GeoBI (Orbica’s Geospatial Visualisation Platform, OrbViz)

  • Open data and open source software play a pivotal role in bringing communities and governments together to surface achievements and problems faced by different parts of the community. Currently, most open data platforms are catered towards a technical audience for analysis purposes. While these platforms are very powerful and filled with great analytical tools for gaining insights, they are not designed to communicate a cohesive story to the community. Orbica has developed a data visualisation tool utilising open-source technology to engage and inform the community about how their government projects are funded.
  • Implementation of this tool has allowed for widening the access of open data and open source technologies to governments and citizens. The maturity and robustness of this application has increased confidence in open source technologies, resulting in local governments investing and adopting these technologies to tell their stories to their citizens and stakeholders.

GeoAI (Geospatial Artificial Intelligence)

  • The amount of earth observation imagery available has multiplied exponentially in the age of satellites and drones. But how can we take advantage of this vast data source and turn it into valuable insights in near real time?
  • Traditional methodologies of extracting and classifying features of the earth's surface are time consuming and labour intensive. Orbica's solution to this problem is to automate this using artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms and geospatial processes. We've invested in research and development to build our solution and have applied it to waterbodies, roads, vegetation, , and building outlines. This tool has many uses, from identifying informal settlements to providing valuable datasets for urban planning, environmental management, disaster response and humanitarian mapping.


Peter Rose is in charge of Orbica's European operations. He holds an MBA from WHU in Germany. His background includes the GIS consulting industry and managing multiple complex turnkey industrial developments throughout Europe. Peter was the recipient of the WHU Future Leaders Challenge award 2016.

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