VRVis Forum | #152

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VRVis, Ares Tower, 5.Stock, Donau-City-Straße 11, 1220 Wien

Presentation of VRVis' Geospatial Visualization Group

In a series of short talks, we will present the projects of the Geospatial Visualization Group. Research of this group focuses on methods for the virtual exploration and visual analysis of geospatial data. The results are applied to a variety of different application domains. There is a decision support system for complex infrastructure projects, two monitoring systems for tunnel constructions considering non-spatial data, a scene generator to procedurally model complex street networks from OpenStreetMap data for a driving simulator and an interactive 3D viewer for high-resolution planetary reconstructions, which enables geologic interpretations and assists in mission planning. You can also explore a region of Mars with the HTC Vive VR system.


15:00 Overview of the group
Chris Traxler

15:05 Geotunnel Viewer
Tunnel construction monitoring with integrated non-spatial data
Chris Traxler

15:15 GearViewer
An interactive planning tool for complex infrastructure projects
Klaus Wickenhauser

15:25 PRo3D and the Dibit Viewer
From subterrestrial to extraterrestrial geologic analysis
Thomas Ortner and Martin Brunnhuber

15:50 The KAUST Scene Generator
A scene generator for street networks for the KAUST driving simulator
Rebecca Nowak and Michael May

16:05 PRo3D VR Demo
Get immersed in a surface reconstruction from Mars
Thomas Ortner and Chris Traxler

17:00 End (latest)