VRVis Forum | #157

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VRVis, Ares Tower, 5.Stock, Donau-City-Straße 11, 1220 Wien

Internship Talk by Ahmed Othman & VIS Test Talk by Andreas Walch

Internship Talk by Ahmed Othman: 3D-GIS navigation and an Elevation Profile View for planetary exploration

This talk is about my 7 weeks internship at VRVis, in the course of which I implemented a suite of 3D GIS features for the planetary science visualization tool PRo3D (pro3D.space). These features include an overview and detail navigation strategy for large terrain data and an interactive linked visualization for cross sections and elevation profiles of the Martian surface.

VIS Test Talk by Andreas Walch: LightGuider - Guiding Interactive Lighting Design using Suggestions, Provenance, and Quality Visualization

LightGuider is a novel guidance-based approach to interactive lighting design, which typically consists of interleaved 3D modeling operations and light transport simulations. Rather than having designers use a trial-and-error approach to match their illumination constraints and aesthetic goals, LightGuider supports the process by simulating potential next modeling steps that can deliver the most significant improvements. LightGuider takes predefined quality criteria and the current focus of the designer into account to visualize suggestions for lighting-design improvements via a specialized provenance tree. This provenance tree integrates snapshot visualizations of how well a design meets the given quality criteria weighted by the designer’s preferences. This integration facilitates the analysis of quality improvements over the course of a modeling workflow as well as the comparison of alternative design solutions. We evaluate our approach with three lighting designers to illustrate its usefulness.

To learn more about Andreas Walch and his work visit his staff page.