VRVis Forum | #160

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VRVis, Ares Tower, 5.Stock, Donau-City-Straße 11, 1220 Wien

Invited talk "Human Centered AI" by Anna Maria Brunnhofer of amb technology & "Gender Aspects in VRVis Projects" by Cyntha Wieringa

Title 1st talk

Human Centric AI

Speaker 1st talk

Anna Maria is founder and CEO of amb-technology.ai. She has over 10 years of experience in Strategy and IT consulting and setting up companies. Her broad background in tech, economy and philosophy helps to move fast with a holistic vision.

Abstract 1st talk

AMB-technology.ai is creating a device and platform independent cognition platform based on CNNs to detect, reconstruct and measure human bodies via computer vision. All our efforts are focused on safety and efficiency for people. Technical Challenges as well as economic possibilities here are multiple. Anna Maria Brunnhofer will speak about their research in Computer Vision and Data Science and the vision of the applications.

Title 2nd talk

Gender Aspects in VRVis Projects

Speaker 2nd talk

In this talk Cyntha Wieringa will present first results from her Diploma Thesis on "Gender Aspects in VRVis Projects".