M. Baldauf,  P. Musialski (2010)

A Device-aware Spatial 3D Visualization Platform for Mobile Urban Exploration

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The Fourth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies (UBICOMM 2010)


Mobile devices displaying 2D map representations are\  already\  commonly\  used\  for\  the\  exploration\  of\  urban\  surroundings on the move. Even though mobile detailed 3D visualizations promise to be an attractive way to cope with the increasing amount of georeferenced information, their widespread use is hampered by the fragmentation of today’s mobile device landscape. In this paper, we tackle this real-world problem by introducing\  a\  device-aware\  3D\  visualization\  service\  platform. Its\  core\  is\  composed\  of\  a\  rule\  engine\  selecting\  and\  tailoring a suitable visualization process for a requesting device. While we apply remote-renderings for resource-restrained mobile devices, real-time on-device renderings are applied for high-end devices. Following this device-aware approach, a variety of mobile devices with different technical capabilities can be provided with tailored environmental 3D representations for mobile urban exploration.