P. Musialski ,  C. Luksch ,  M. Schwärzler ,  M. Buchetics ,  S. MaierhoferW. Purgathofer (2010)

Interactive Multi-View Façade Image Editing

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Vision, Modeling, and Visualization (2010)


We propose a system for generating high-quality approximated façade ortho-textures based on a set of perspective source photographs taken by a consumer hand-held camera. Our approach is to sample a combined orthographic approximation over the façade-plane from the input photos. In order to avoid kinks and seams which may occur on transitions between different source images, we introduce color adjustment and gradient domain stitching by solving a Poisson equation in real-time. In order to add maximum control on the one hand and easy interaction on the other, we provide several editing interactions allowing for user-guided post-processing.