P. Mohr ,  B. Kerbl ,  M. Donoser ,  D. Schmalstieg ,  D. Kalkofen (2015)

Retargeting Technical Documentation to Augmented Reality

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Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems


We present a system which automatically transfers printed technical documentation, such as handbooks, to three- dimensional Augmented Reality. Our system identifies the most frequent forms of instructions found in printed docu- mentation, such as image sequences, explosion diagrams, tex- tual annotations and arrows indicating motion. The analysis of the printed documentation works automatically, with min- imal user input. The system only requires the documentation itself and a CAD model or 3D scan of the object described in the documentation. The output is a fully interactive Aug- mented Reality application, presenting the information from the printed documentation in 3D, registered to the real object.