K. Krösl ,  C. Luksch ,  M. Schwärzler ,  M. Wimmer (2017)

LiteMaker: Interactive Luminaire Development using Progressive Photon Tracing and Multi-Resolution Upsampling

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Vision, Modeling & Visualization


Industrial applications like luminaire development (the creation of a luminaire in terms of geometry and material) or lighting design (the efficient and aesthetic placement of luminaires in a virtual scene) rely heavily on high realism and physically correct simulations. Using typical approaches like CAD modeling and offline rendering, this requirement induces long processing times and therefore inflexible workflows. In this paper, we combine a GPU-based progressive photon-tracing algorithm to accurately simulate the light distribution of a luminaire with a novel multi-resolution image-filtering approach that produces visually meaningful intermediate results of the simulation process. By using this method in a 3D modeling environment, luminaire development is turned into an interactive process, allowing for real-time modifications and immediate feedback on the light distribution. Since the simulation results converge to a physically plausible solution that can be imported as a representation of a luminaire into a light-planning software, our work contributes to combining the two former decoupled workflows of luminaire development and lighting design, reducing the overall production time and cost for luminaire manufacturers.