Outflow boundaries for hydrodynamic simulations at ungauged locations

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9th Annual Symposium of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems (poster)


In flood risk mapping, boundary conditions are used to prescribe design flood waves. Often, they are only given by discharge values. However, for hydrodynamic simulations both a discharge time series upstream and a water level time series downstream are typically needed as boundary conditions. Thus, discharge values need to be converted to water levels at the outflow, for example with a rating curve. At gauged locations one can simply use the measured discharge-stage relationship as a rating curve. For ungauged locations one needs to approximate this mapping. In this poster, we describe geometrical and numerical methods that improve the automatic generation of outflow boundary conditions for shallow water schemes. Our approach performs well on selected gauges in Tirol, Austria. Finally, we discuss improving the outflows by avoiding the static time dependency and we lay out future work.