V. Stanzl ,  L. M. Zopf ,  S. H. Geyer ,  N. Swiadek ,  J. Zinnanti ,  P. Slezak ,  W. J. Weninger ,  A. Walter ,  K. Bühler (2019)

An Open-Source Pipeline for Correlation and Visualization of Multi-Modal Multi-Scale Imaging Data in Tumor Vascularization.

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EMIM 2019 (abstract and poster)


Activating angiogenesis is one of the main indicators of cancer supporting rapid tumor growth and metastasis. Current treatment strategies aim at inhibiting tumor neo-angiogenesis, but tumor vessels are disorganized, leaky and dysfunctional. To understand how tumors instruct the formation and maintenance of blood vessels, we apply ultra-high field MRI, µCT and HREM to a xenograft mouse model and correlate the tumor vessels. The proposed open source visualization pipeline supports the analysis of angiogenesis by depicting the different vessels and anatomical context in a single model.