S. Alemzadeh ,  U. Niemann ,  T. Ittermann ,  H. Völzke ,  D. Schneider ,  M. Spiliopoulou ,  K. Bühler ,  B. Preim (2019)

Visual Analysis of Missing Values in Longitudinal Cohort Study Data

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Computer Graphics Forum


Attrition or dropout is the most severe missingness problem in longitudinal cohort study data where some participants do not show up for follow‐up examinations. Dropouts result in biased data and cause the reduction of 1ata set size. Moreover, they limit the power of statistical analysis and the validity of study findings. Visualization can play a strong role in analysing and displaying the missingness patterns. In this work, we present VIVID, a framework for the visual analysis of missing values in cohort study data. VIVID is inspired by discussions with epidemiologists and adds visual components to their current statistics‐based approaches. VIVID provides functions for exploration, imputation and validity check of imputations. The main focus of this paper is multiple imputation to fix the missing data.





visual analytics, information visualization