N. Grossmann ,  O. Casares-Magaz ,  L. P. Muren ,  V. Moiseenko ,  J. P. Einck ,  E. Gröller ,  R. G. Raidou (2019)

Pelvis Runner: A Visual Analytics Tool for Pelvic Organ Variability Exploration in Prostate Cancer Cohorts

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Poster at IEEE VIS VAST 2019


Pelvis Runner is a visual analysis tool for the exploration of the variability of segmented pelvic organs in multiple patients, across the course of radiation therapy treatment. Radiation treatment is performed through the course of weeks, during which the anatomy of the patient changes. This variability may be responsible for side effects, due to the potential over-irradiation of healthy tissues. Exploring and analyzing organ variability in patient cohorts can help clinical researchers to design more robust treatment strategies. Our work addresses, first, the global exploration and analysis of pelvic organ shape variability in an abstracted tabular view for the entire cohort. Second, local exploration and analysis of the variability are provided on-demand in anatomical 2D/3D views for cohort partitions. The Pelvis Runner has been evaluated by two clinical researchers and is a promising basis for the exploration of pelvic organ variability.