J. Hakanen ,  K. Miettinen ,  K. Matković (2020)

Task-based visual analytics for interactive multiobjective optimization

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Journal of the Operational Research Society


We study how visual interaction techniques considered in visual analytics can be utilized when implementing interactive multiobjective optimization methods, where a decision maker iteratively participates in the solution process. We want to benefit from previous research and avoid re-inventing ideas. Our aim is to widen awareness and increase the applicability of interactive methods for solving real-world problems. As a concrete approach, we introduce seven high-level tasks that are relevant for interactive methods. These high-level tasks are based on low-level tasks proposed in the visual analytics literature. In addition, we give an example on how the high-level tasks can be implemented and demonstrate this in the context of a real-world multiobjective optimization problem related to wastewater treatment plant operation. Finally, we make recommendations for implementations of interactive methods. We conclude that task-based visual analytics can help in implementing interaction between human decision makers and interactive multiobjective optimization methods.




Decision maker, preference information, multiple criteria optimization, visualization, task taxonomy, user interface