K. Matković ,  D. Gračanin ,  M. Bardun ,  R. Splechtna ,  H. Hauser (2020)

Dual Radial Sets

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EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA) 2020


Set-typed data visualizations require novel interactive representations, especially when visualizing multiple set-typed data at-tributes. The challenge is how to effectively analyze relations between data elements from different set-typed attributes. We build on Radial Set view to support simultaneous visualization of two set-typed attributes. The main contributions include:Dual Radial Set view that supports simultaneous visualization of two groups of sets; an extension of Radial Set view that can display empty sets; and two new view configurations, the equal sector size and the relative-size scaled sectors. The two new view configurations also can be applied to the original Radial Set view. We conducted an informal evaluation using a movies data set as a case study. The evaluation results demonstrate the advantages of the proposed approach.




Human centered computing; Visualization techniques