A. S. Antonini ,  M. L. Ganuza ,  G. Ferracutti ,  F. M. Gargiulo ,  K. MatkovićE. Gröller ,  E. A. Bjerg ,  S. M. Castro (2020)

Spinel web: an interactive web application for visualizing the chemical composition of spinel group minerals

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Earth Science Informatics


The spinel group minerals provide useful information regarding the geological environment in which the host rocks were formed, constituting excellent petrogenetic indicators, and guides in the search for mineral deposits of economic interest. In this article, we present the Spinel Web, a web application to visualize the chemical composition of spinel group minerals. Spinel Web integrates most of the diagrams commonly used for analyzing the chemical characteristics of the spinel group minerals. It incorporates parallel coordinates and a 3D representation of the spinel prisms. It also provides coordinated views and appropriate interactions for users to interact with their datasets. Spinel Web also supports semi-automatic categorization of the geological environment of formation through a standard Web browser.





Geology, Tectonic settings, Spinel group minerals, Visualization, Web application, 3D visualization