A. Amirkhanov ,  M. Bernhard ,  A. Karimov ,  S. Stiller ,  A. Geier ,  E. Gröller ,  G. Mistelbauer (2020)

Visual Analytics in Dental Aesthetics

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Computer Graphics Forum


Dental healthcare increasingly employs computer‐aided design software, to provide patients with high‐quality dental prosthetic devices. In modern dental reconstruction, dental technicians address the unique anatomy of each patient individually, by capturing the dental impression and measuring the mandibular movements. Subsequently, dental technicians design a custom denture that fits the patient from a functional point of view. The current Workflow does not include a systematic analysis of aesthetics, and dental technicians rely only on an aesthetically pleasing mock‐up that they discuss with the patient, and on their experience. Therefore, the final denture aesthetics remain unknown until the dental technicians incorporate the denture into the patient. In this Work, we present a solution that integrates aesthetics analysis into the functional Workflow of dental technicians. Our solution uses a video recording of the patient, to preview the denture design at any stage of the denture design process. We present a teeth pose estimation technique that enables denture preview and a set of linked visualizations that support dental technicians in the aesthetic design of dentures. These visualizations assist dental technicians in choosing the most aesthetically fitting preset from a library of dentures, in identifying the suitable denture size, and in adjusting the denture position. We demonstrate the utility of our system with four use cases, explored by a dental technician. Also, we performed a quantitative evaluation for teeth pose estimation, and an informal usability evaluation, with positive outcomes concerning the integration of aesthetics analysis into the functional Workflow.