W. Weixelbaum ,  K. Matković (2021)

Rumble Flow++ Interactive Visual Analysis of Dota2 Encounters

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EuroVA 2021


In the last decade, the popularity of E Sports has grown rapidly. The financial leader in the tournament scene is Dota2, a complex and strategic multiplayer game. Analysis and exploration of game data could lead to better outcomes. Available data resources include the combat log, which logs every event at an atomic level and excels at providing great detail at the expense of readability, and concise third-party summaries that provide little detail. In this paper, we introduce Rumble Flow++, a web-based exploratory analysis application that provides details in an easy-to-understand manner while providing meaningful aggregations. Rumble Flow++ supports exploration and analysis at different levels of granularity. It supports analysis at the level of the entire match, at the level of individual team fights, and at the level of individual heroes. The user can easily switch between levels in a fully interactive environment. Rumble Flow++ provides much more detail than a summary visualization typically uses, and much better readability than an atomic log file.