G. Paar ,  T. Ortner ,  C. Traxler ,  R. Barnes ,  M. R. Balme ,  C. Schröder ,  S. G. Banham (2022)

Preparing 3D Vision & Visualization for ExoMars

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ASTRA 2022 - 16th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation


PRoViP (Planetary Robotics Vision Processing) and PRo3D (Planetary Robotics 3D Viewer) are the main ExoMars 3D vision ground processing and visualization elements for camera instruments’ data. PRoViP uses PanCam stereo and/or other ExoMars imaging instruments to generate 3D data products. PRo3D is a powerful real-time rendering and 3D data analysis tool for 3D annotation, target definition, quantitative analysis and geology. We report on the capabilities and development status of the tools tailored to the ExoMars case and their embedding in the ROCC (Rover Operations Control Centre) context as designed for tactical and strategic mission support. The PRoViP processing workflow is summarized, and PRo3D main features for real-time visualization and analysis of huge surface 3D data sets are described. By means of the image & 3D data products’ data provision & analysis process for the ExoMars design simulations in autumn 2021, we demonstrate some of the main use cases as expected for ExoMars after its landing. Prospects for related exploration missions (e.g. Mars 2020 and HERA) are pointed out.