R. SplechtnaT. Hulka ,  D. Sardana ,  N. D. Chandrashekar ,  D. Gračanin ,  K. Matković (2022)

Comprehending City Economics from Heterogeneous Data

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IEEE VIS 2022 - VAST challenge entry earned "Honorable Mention for Clear Articulation of Hypotheses and Metrics"


Visualizing complex, heterogeneous data that includes spatial information, tracking data of citizens, as well as rich data about business and citizens over a long period of time is a difficult problem. We describe how we deployed a coordinated multiple view system to explore and comprehend such data. The system is developed as a response to the IEEE VAST 2022 Challenge 3. We briefly demonstrate the power of the developed system using three examples that use a citizen-centric and a pub-centric data set.




Human-centered computing, Visualization, Visualization application domains, Visual Analytics