C. M. Essler (2022)

Interactive Web-Based Flood Map Visualization

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Bachelor's Thesis (TU Wien)


Floods cause many deaths as well as lots of financial damage. Flood maps encode areas susceptibility for floods and can be used in several ways that reduce loss from floods - they are already in use for determining in which areas it is safe to build new buildings. Making them available online might increase public awareness of the risks associated with floods in specific areas. Additionally, maps are easier to reach once they are available on the internet. In the course of this thesis, the current status quo concerning available online flood maps is determined by research, and a React-based web map component to visualize flood maps was developed for the web client of a flood simulation and visualization system. The map represents floods by polygons. The vertices of the polygons are provided by the simulation system, and are then rendered over the map on the web client. In the future, the developed component could include further interactivity that allows more correspondence with the simulation system, so that it could edit the simulations.