Task-Oriented Visualization Techniques for the Simulation-Based Optimization of Combustion Engines. The aim of the project is to research highly interactive visualization techniques in order to facilitate frequent tasks in the simulation-based development process of combustion motors.

In the face of the world-wide climate change and the high fuel costs the efficiency of combustion motors gain more economical and ecological impact. A central approach for the improvement of the engines is the numeric-simulation. However the simulation based improvement is connected with high complexity. Hence the aim of the project "AVISOM" is to research and develop the task-oriented visualization-techniques for the purpose of development process of combustion motors.

Different interactive views should get researched and developed and included in a complete system. These should make it possible (1) to evaluate analytic, mathematical approximation-functions by means of simulated data points, (2) to integrate interactive optimization-concepts in visualization techniques for multivariate data, and (3) to overlook and to compare a big quantity of simulated or analytic 2D functions.The improvements apply mainly on the early development phase of an engine. Basic attributes on different parameterization can be analyzed and optimized by means of a multiplicity of simple 1D and 2D simulations.