Visualising vibrations in an engine block for AVL List GmbH.

Research and development of novel interactive visualization methods for visualization and understanding of complex systems.

Ever stricter emissions regulations and the permanent pressure to raise efficiency are driving developmentin the automotive sector. In order to adhere to tight schedules and short times to market, automotivedevelopers are increasingly using powerful simulation systems which allow them to understand and recognisethe overall behaviour and impact of changing individual development parameters as early on as possible in thedevelopment process. The CSI project (Complex System Investigation) examines and develops new methods ofinteractive visualisation, enabling better evaluation of the behaviour of complex systems such as engines at anearly stage. Both the modelling phase and the interactive visualisation of the simulation results are supported.The scope also covers activities including visualising CFD data, improving interactive mesh generation usinggraphics processors, real time process monitoring, and optimising workflows.