This project researches ways of addressing various tasks in the energy sector by applying and extending techniques
from interactive visual analysis.

Based on Visplore, a software tool by VRVis for interactively analyzing potentially large and complex multivariate data, ENERVIS will focus on a variety of applications which are relevant for the project partner Austrian Power Grid (APG), e.g., the analysis of photovoltaic data, price forwards curves, forecasts of lost energy, and more. In all cases, the data is provided as a (potentially large) number of time series. Handling time series is the key competence of the project partner HAKOM EDV-Dienstleistungs Ges.m.b.H. HAKOM will thus contribute competence in statistical models for forecasting time series and supplement the capabilities of Visplore by the power of their system for time series management. Achieving a tight integration between the time series manager of HAKOM and Visplore will thus be one aspect of ENERVIS. Other major issues include supporting a semi-automated identification of functional dependencies, enabling a dual analysis in terms of single time stamps and entire time series, visualization approaches for cyclic data like the wind direction, and various extensions providing means for data computation and derivation within Visplore. Besides those feature-centric work packages, a key topic of ENERVIS will be to apply existing and new visualization technology to specific application problems, including training application experts and consulting with respect to an optimal choice of visualization methods and their interpretation. The remaining work packages address project management, presentation, and dissemination.