eScience Software-Platform Brain*


Understanding how the brain works is one of the biggest challenges addressed by neuroscientists today.

This research is highly data intensive and requires dedicated software infrastructures to enable and accelerate the discovery of the complex interplay of genes, structure and function. Brain* (see is a complete software suite supporting image based neural circuit researchat all stages. It provides a complete integrated software infrastructure supporting data management from image alignment (BrainWarp), storage (BrainBase), publication (BrainBaseSync), quality control and datavisualisation (BrainGazer) through to information retrieval and knowledge discovery in large and dynamicallygrowing data sets of confocal images and related annotated structures (BrainMining). The framework has been designed to handle extremely large amounts of image data in a stable manner and ensures fast semantic andspatial accessibility of all stored data. Brain* has been initially developed by VRVis in cooperation with the Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna, where it provides the IT ecosystem for drosophila research.

Link: Braingazer