floodvisor ii

Designing long term protections.

Mountain run-off.

Breach ensemble.

Designing short term protections.

Protection failures - evolving dike breaks: wave arrival times.

Protection failures - overtopping and breaches of mobile walls.

River flood in Cologne.

Practical flood management with decision software Visdom.

Testing various measures to mitigate the effects of floods on specific areas and infrastructure and generating comprehensible visualizations to help users convey the effects of measures to the general public.

The newest application case in Austria is the project in the Marchfeld in particular - here dam breaks on the Danube are simulated for the region. On this basis protection measures shall be determined and protection plans for the affected communities will be drawn up. Another application case in Austria is one for slope water modeling and visualization in Amstetten. Furthermore the simulation of heavy rain events and the consideration of the sewer network gets more attention. A scalable Visdom web service is set up for project partners.