The analysis, visualisation and exploration of high dimensional image spaces are the subject of research of the KAFUS project.


Knowledge Assisted Visual Fusion of Spatial Multi-Source Data.

The focus of the KAFUS project is on the research and development of effective application and user oriented methods of data fusion, visualisation and exploration for the analysis of high-dimensional data from multiple sources. The goal is to obtain new insights about complex technical or biological systems. For example, in order to assist radiologists in their daily work, VRVis is developing fully automated methods for annotation, segmentation and quantification of anatomical structures and pathologies in three-dimensional medical images.

For the Dickson Group at the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), VRVis is working on a system for data management, indexing and visualisation for interactive and semi-automatic exploration of thousands of threedimensional images of nerve structures of the fruit fly. The aim is provide optimal support for the researchers at the IMP in finding new discoveries on the neural structures of fruit flies.