Highly efficient image processing solutions for application in radiological practice.

The focus of the KROBIAN research project is on highly efficient image processing solutions for applications in radiology.

Today’s digital imaging modalities are highly configurable; some are sensitive to environmental influences. Thus, the outcome and quality of an imaging procedure depends not only on the modality but also on site, date, environment, operator, the choice of parameters, selection and saturation of contrast agent or biomarkers. Observed variations range from slight shifts to complete changes of measured values which pose one of the major challenges in the development of robust and sustainable image analysis software for biomedical research and clinical software. A second challenge is the analysis of structures with highly varying or unpredictable morphology. This project aims at adding a new level of robustness to visual computing workflows for biomedical image analysis by providing new methodologies able to robustly scope with varying inter- and intramodal image characteristics and complex morphology under real world conditions.