A novel view for ranking lighting designs ba a weighted sum of quality metrics.

VAMOS - Visual Analytics for Modelling and Simulation: Enhancing simulation setup and design scenarios using tools and methods from Visual Analytics

The aim of the VAMOS project is to develop and employ tools and methods from the field of Visual Analytics to make the setup and prior estimation of 3D simulation environments simpler and faster, and support the decision finding in design processes. Modelling scenarios for all kinds of simulations is a tedious task, especially since the complexity of the input models can have nearly arbitrary and unforeseeable impacts on the simulation run time. Finding the limiting bottlenecks by tuning the input parameters, or finding an optimal solution that depends on a vast variety of input parameters, has so far often been a task that relied on either naive trial-and-error methods or hard-to-learn user experience.

The objectives in this project therefore include finding the right simulation settings for an existing simulation prototypes on the one hand, and providing semi-automatic hints for 3D object placement and modelling on the other hand – both by exploring and exploiting the information in the underlying parameter space. For the user, these developments will lead to drastically shortened production cycles in complex simulation and design processes.