Visplore ist die ideale Basis hochperformanter analytischer Cockpits - von Korrelationsanalyse bis zur Modellvalidierung.

Anwendungsbeispiel: Vergleich zweier Werke an Hand von Qualitätskennzahlen und Prozesskurven.

Visplore is a tool to enable a VISual exPLORation of large and complex data. The focus is on multivariate data, including continuous and categorical data columns and also data with time-dependent semantics.

Visplore is a software technology for the efficient implementation of customised analysis applications. Flexible and combinable visualizations, interactions and calculations open up a completely new form of ‘dialogue with data’. This enables human knowledge, intuition and visual perception to be combined with the computing power of modern IT, so that the growing flood of data can be used to improve understanding and decision making – comprehensively, profoundly, and in real time. Current applications range from energy supply, engine development, production and health economics through to aviation. Typical fields of use within these areas include data validation, support in statistical modelling, e.g. for validating and selecting forecast models, and sensitivity analysis of indicators in terms of changing parameters. As a result, the causes of defective components in production, or inaccuracies in forecasting energy use, can be identified and clearly communicated in just a few minutes. As well as its flexibility and performance, Visplore features unique visualisation technologies which have won awards at international conferences. The latest research results in the field of visual analytics help users gain decisive insights and facilitate more reliable decision-making.

Drawing the right conclusions from an understanding of data has become the key issue in most fields of industry, business, and science. VRVis offers a technology called Visplore to answer complex questions instantly based on a highly innovative combination of visualization, interaction and statistics. The goal is to help users make sense of large, multi-variate data even in cases where approaches like data mining face challenges, for example the generation of hypotheses or the analysis in presence of data-quality issues like outliers. In contrast to common spreadsheet and mathematical software, visualizations in Visplore are not only a static result, but also an interface for further investigation. Examples include a selection of data subsets for visualization and statistical quantification, drill-down, and the adaptation of view parameters. These interactions are possible within milliseconds even for millions of data values. This enables detailed answers to complex questions in a short time.

In particular, tasks supported by Visplore include:

  • Data preparation: detection of data quality issues, interactive specification of queries, etc.
  • Exploratory data analysis: Understanding data, detecting relationships, generating hypotheses
  • Building prediction models: Identification of inputs, model validation and comparison
  • Analysis of complex systems: Sensitivity analysis, multi-objective optimization
  • Generation of diagrams for reporting

Visplore has been employed in many application domains so far, including:

  • Engineering: optimization of product design (e.g., powertrain systems), building of regression models
  • Manufactoring industry: Process optimization, real-time process monitoring
  • Energy sector: Optimization of forecast models (e.g., for renewable energy and gas consumption)
  • Biotech: Analysis of clinical trials
  • Facility management: Analysis of malfunction messages
  • And more... Telecommunication, finance, server monitoring...

In these fields, Visplore has not only provided a significant effort reduction - up to magnitudes -, but also enabled qualitative gains that help to lower costs and reduce risk.

Based on Visplore, VRVis offers the subsequent services:

  • Applied research projects: examples include the adaptation to a new market for productive application or commercial distribution by the partner
  • Sales partnerships: we are looking for strategic partnerships to distribute Visplore in specific markets, for example as an add-on to application-specific software for data acquisition and management
  • Consulting, i.e., VRVis helps you to answer questions in your data
  • Development, e.g., the integration of customer-specific data sources
  • Licensing


You can download our VISPLORE flyer here: